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Technical Chart

  • 70% White Quebracho
  • 30% Carob tree (algarrobo).
  • Non sparkling mixture
  • Ashes up to 10%
  • Caloric power 4500 k. cal / Kg.
  • Granulometry 50 to 150 Mm.
  • Fixed carbon 80%
  • Volatile matters 12%
  • Minimum coal dust 2%
  • Humidity up to 8%


The wood is compactly loaded inside the stove, which assures good quality results.
The stove is turned on and it burns the wood in a process which lasts approximately 10 days, then cooling down during 24 hours.
When this process is finished, the coal is removed from the stoves and carried to the storage sheds, to be bagged and then marketed in the internal market, mainly Buenos Aires or for export.